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Coffee Break: Styling your image

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Название :  Coffee Break: Styling your image
Продолжительность :   03:01:40
Пользователь :  id 902525144357
Дата публикации :   20200529
Просмотры :   2,1 тыс. просмотров
Понравилось :   1,448
Не понравилось :   62

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John Mahaffy
From the center of Vermont.
Комментарий от: John Mahaffy

Thomas L.
Stuttgart, Germany
Комментарий от: Thomas L.

Edward Barbieri
How does one get notified when Live Coffee break tutorials are scheduled?
Комментарий от: Edward Barbieri

Beantown Review
If I recall correctly, your accent is from Philly.
Комментарий от: Beantown Review

Kay Hamilton
Love these coffee breaks tutoring
Комментарий от: Kay Hamilton

Kay Hamilton
Hello from Adelaide Australia,
Комментарий от: Kay Hamilton

Ilene Sokol
I downloaded your looks, & tried to add to my L4 with File>Add Luminar Looks Collection but nothing happens! Help! What am I doing wrong? Thanks
Комментарий от: Ilene Sokol

Avner Ben zvi
can i add color LUT to the exist list ??
Комментарий от: Avner Ben zvi

Florin Gherman
Madrid, Spain
Комментарий от: Florin Gherman

Miguel Baptista
Very useful
Комментарий от: Miguel Baptista

Hi pat from Ireland
Комментарий от: PATRICK FOLEY

Ralph Nicolay
Bisbee, Az
Комментарий от: Ralph Nicolay

Do you know if (and when) Luminar 4 will have an upgrade for the Windows 10 operating systems? like the Lasso tool (under erase) is for MAC only, so is the function of drawing a straight “erase line” from point A to point B, they're not available for a Windows system. Thank you.
Комментарий от: Enrique

OrV Ozon
Bonsoir. Son et vidéo ok pour la France
Комментарий от: OrV Ozon

Stanley Long
San Antonio, Texas. Audio is loud & clear
Комментарий от: Stanley Long

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Coffee Break: Styling your image Coffee Break: Styling your image
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