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#108 Have a relaxing morning moment over a candy cup of coffee.

Информация о видео #108 Have a relaxing morning moment over a candy cup of coffee.

Название :  #108 Have a relaxing morning moment over a candy cup of coffee.
Продолжительность :   03:01:31
Пользователь :  id 935278834654
Дата публикации :   20200529
Просмотры :   101 тыс. просмотров
Понравилось :   755
Не понравилось :   66

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1:21 you didn't have to just run up and stab my mans like that
Комментарий от: Quasar

Oh that drip.
Комментарий от: LilGamez21

Just if anyone wants to know the song is Sarah Vaughan - Black Coffee
Комментарий от: angelxx1234

Youre really smart, see in such dude really
Комментарий от: May

why da heck didnt u stir after pouring in the cream
Комментарий от: cometpants

Overtly Blonde
background music is giving cowboy bebop vibes. lmao
Комментарий от: Overtly Blonde

Experimental Flow
This batch turned out very nice, image quality is exceptional!
Комментарий от: Experimental Flow

Lennart Blumenberg
When shipping to Germany is 2.5 times more expensive than the actual candy
Комментарий от: Lennart Blumenberg

Crumb PaV
He always just looks so happy. You can tell the guy really enjoys his job. Good for him!
Комментарий от: Crumb PaV

Liam Brown
Why are these so satisfying to watch at like 1 am
Комментарий от: Liam Brown

these are so awesome. I just recieved my order for this candy and I love it. My son loves it. so delicious. we gonna try some other candy
Комментарий от: DKING9

H0rs :2
I need more of this
Комментарий от: H0rs :2

Next time you do a video on coffee-flavored confections, try using Trout Fishing in America's 'All I Want is a Proper Cup of Coffee' as part of the background music. It's an old British music-hall song, and their rendition is very funny.
Комментарий от: HannibalFan52

Grant Kugman
At 3:13 the candy looks like an arm and finger pointing downwards.
Комментарий от: Grant Kugman

Eric Beeman
That is so cool watching you make things out of candy that had to taken many hours of trial and error
Комментарий от: Eric Beeman

Iman Amin
Why don’t you just work with the sugar on the cooling table, instead of just letting it drip?
Комментарий от: Iman Amin

I could watch Jake make candy all day.....
Комментарий от: PrettyMoonLady

Erik S.
Perfect songs choice, love Sarah Vaughn
Комментарий от: Erik S.

Jase Diblasi
you go Jake
Комментарий от: Jase Diblasi

Elizabeth Tarrant
W w W
Комментарий от: Elizabeth Tarrant

I weirdly love the sound of the water boiling out of the candy. Missed it here so sizzle sizzle I imagine lol
Комментарий от: Linda

hot dawg
Strawberry cheesecake candy!!!!
Комментарий от: hot dawg

Lacey Devillier
Комментарий от: Lacey Devillier

Shout out to kill bill
Комментарий от: Moonstatue

Pat Colbourne
Комментарий от: Pat Colbourne

Ender Miner442
Can you do the Ender Dragon
Комментарий от: Ender Miner442

Rocky Bettas
Do you use ceramic spoons???
Комментарий от: Rocky Bettas

tuna fish
y'all got the golden girls in the back big chillin c:
Комментарий от: tuna fish

J. Michael S
More beard boy
Комментарий от: J. Michael S

Bastian Leo
Ah, I love how you played Black Coffee in the background! I love that song and it really fits the subject too.
Комментарий от: Bastian Leo

S.C. Wood
I wish I was a piece of molten sugar being molded by Greg's chubby yet dexterous hands.
Комментарий от: S.C. Wood

Lukas Galant
If only the shipping (to germany) wasn't so expensive (16.67$) :/
Комментарий от: Lukas Galant

Cain Lauchbury
You should tryblack country sweet aniseed
Комментарий от: Cain Lauchbury

Aidden Sokol
I love watching people make candy it’s really satisfying
Комментарий от: Aidden Sokol

Isaiah Toma
You guys should do a Carmel hard candy
Комментарий от: Isaiah Toma

Give me your Worms
Omg the elderly women in the background were so wholesome
Комментарий от: Give me your Worms

weird memes
A spicy flavor of candy would be really cool
Комментарий от: weird memes

Edible Cactus
Genuinely the best videos to watch to cool down or have some background noise. Never stop
Комментарий от: Edible Cactus

Alayna Bowe
I want to ask are you one of the workers there or what?
Комментарий от: Alayna Bowe

Kellie Hopstein
What do you do with the big blob of candy from the end? 7:54
Комментарий от: Kellie Hopstein

Timothy Verma
Is the voice over even slower than normal? Interesting contrast with the main purpose of coffee.
Комментарий от: Timothy Verma

Its Churchie
One day I'm definitely going down to Tallahassee for a visit!
Комментарий от: Its Churchie

Commander Rotal
You know, aside from being informative this channel is fantastic to just have it run in the background. I love these videos.
Комментарий от: Commander Rotal

Tech The Goat
Just got this product and all I can say is thank you for making such amazing candy
Комментарий от: Tech The Goat

adjective noun
Iggy is gonna love this!
Комментарий от: adjective noun

I love the music, what band is that singing in the background? Is it listed somewhere that I missed?
Комментарий от: blueeyest78

I want to order this , any coupon codes I can use please. Thanks Greg
Комментарий от: Greg

Tabby Gurl
I'm not one for hard candy but i order some of this flavor and OMG it's awesome !!!!! I now know where to buy hard candy !!!
Комментарий от: Tabby Gurl

For The 14 dislikes this video wasn’t their cup of coffee
Комментарий от: neirinski

Golden Bar AC
you are an artist
Комментарий от: Golden Bar AC

Chris Walker
I love it! I can't wait to come here when I go down to Florida next year!
Комментарий от: Chris Walker

Scott Matthews
this might be my favorite of all time
Комментарий от: Scott Matthews

Lilith sparks
So cute!!!
Комментарий от: Lilith sparks

Noud V.
Try makeing a steam train candy
Комментарий от: Noud V.

Panic_ Wave
I never seem to get enough coffee, and these look absolutely perfect! Think I just might need to order myself some
Комментарий от: Panic_ Wave

Bree’s World
Came to see the candy being made....and hello Jake. Yum!!! (The candy. I clearly mean the candy!!)
Комментарий от: Bree’s World

amy andromeda
jake has nice arms
Комментарий от: amy andromeda

Rupinder Kaur
Greg must have some serious arm strength with how much candy he pulls on the daily. Lol
Комментарий от: Rupinder Kaur

Alex Gourdikian
I'll never understand how Greg takes what looks like a few lines of hot pieces and turns it into a coffee cup by the end
Комментарий от: Alex Gourdikian

Flying Daddy
Pro tip:
If you ever order these candies...
1.They are BOMB
2. If you like their logo the sticker on the bag is high quality so you can take it off and put it wherever.

Комментарий от: Flying Daddy

he didn't stir coffee after putting in creme...
Комментарий от: WatermelonGhost

the pizza Player
I don’t like coffee but I feel Is would like that
Комментарий от: the pizza Player

See, the thing is
I hadn't really noticed before, but the way Greg spins the rods off of the natch roller takes most of the swirl out that is created by the batch roller. Nice practiced movement, satisfying to watch. 👌
Комментарий от: See, the thing is

Sandy Brecken
Now you're touching on my favorite
Комментарий от: Sandy Brecken

How big is a 2.75 ounce bag of your candy? How many pieces approx?
Комментарий от: Don

Emily terry
They serve a fantastic breakfast as well! We are locals and we love going there regularly for ice cream and my son loves watching them make candy while she eats his scoop . We are certainly blessed to have a place like this in tally ❤️
Комментарий от: Emily terry

seriously what's the name of this song ?
Комментарий от: Maraguzzi

Andy Frost
This is such a lovely channel. I watch this to help me wind down after a long day. Something about the inherent novelty of a local candy store always puts a smile on my face and the music you play is perfect for that. It's like lofi dubbed over an episode of how it's made.
Комментарий от: Andy Frost

C. F.
Комментарий от: C. F.

Allen playz
Making candy looks like it takes so much work.
Комментарий от: Allen playz

Mac Jones
The Bob Ross of candy.
Комментарий от: Mac Jones

how do you work out the design in your candies? they're so intricate and legible, i can barely draw a cup of coffee lol.
Комментарий от: LaFleur

Eloísa Nava Tijerina
Love the fact that when Greg cools the candy he only uses latex gloves and Jake uses the other fabric gloves hehe Greg's hand must be so heat resistant 😳
Комментарий от: Eloísa Nava Tijerina

Shawn Michaelis
Комментарий от: Shawn Michaelis

Never thought I'd see two people and a century-old machine making coffee rods, but you're seeing this comment, so...
Комментарий от: JustSomeSush

Nick Seaton
I just got my first order of candy! Acid drops, Dr Who and Watermelon image candy and we are hooked! Im sure there are vendors closer to me but it so cool to be able to watch the video of my candy being made. 10/10 will order more!
Комментарий от: Nick Seaton

Daven Barnes
Hey I was just wondering if you guys and gals can make some extremely sour candies
Комментарий от: Daven Barnes

Brittany Bilbrey
Ohh... FM 🤤
Комментарий от: Brittany Bilbrey

Isabel S
Greg, why weren't you talking as much in this video? Btw you should do voice overs with Jake and marked so you don't get stomped with so much work
Комментарий от: Isabel S

Greg Brightwell
Greg....what a strong manly name.
You totally shocked me when you cut the candy on an anvil.
An artist, and showman!!

Комментарий от: Greg Brightwell

Maechel robinson
I like to imagine this guy having super buff arms from all the work he does and when people ask him how he just says candy.
Комментарий от: Maechel robinson

is that jake septic eye
Комментарий от: Ogi1508

Sean Zhuraw
1:37 looks like a Rothko!
Комментарий от: Sean Zhuraw

Daniel Ortega wilson
How many suger u went and buy it
Комментарий от: Daniel Ortega wilson

Emily Nunns
Such a beautiful color!
Комментарий от: Emily Nunns

Ok but I love... LOVE... those lil steam squiggles! I can’t stop watching your videos, send help. 🍬☕️
Комментарий от: Emily

Marco Rijpstra
Комментарий от: Marco Rijpstra

i have a serious question why do you new candy stores like Hercules candy hit the candy hook with the hammer that is a source of contamination and why do they use granite over metal cooling table
Комментарий от: 69fastbacklover

To everyone that wants to buy some of this candy: Do it! In store they’re only $5.36 a bag, and online it’s only $5.99 and I’m pretty sure that includes shipping. They’re delicious and totally worth it. 😊
Комментарий от: kerilaverty

aj groome
You often have a perfect match for background music
Комментарий от: aj groome

Okay now you're just showing off
Комментарий от: Gallum

Does anyone else think Greg looks like Peter Griffin?
Комментарий от: Heb725

Claudio Como
So that's how you make cut rock candy!!!
Комментарий от: Claudio Como

I’m so excited! I’m driving on I-10 and I’m stopping by lofty pursuits for the first time in a few hours, I can’t wait!
Комментарий от: kerilaverty

Ryan Duong
Ok, im bringing my kids to your house for Trick or Treating.
Комментарий от: Ryan Duong

KT Raschko
I wonder if this flavoring cools the sugar down more quickly. It seems like you had to add a lot more than usual, plus adding it on the table.
Комментарий от: KT Raschko

Alison Byrne
Good one. Love the group in the background having a Ladies who Lunch date.
Комментарий от: Alison Byrne

Vee Dragon
Helloooooo Jake!
Комментарий от: Vee Dragon

PhonedCape6 Gamer tag
I’m so i was rewatching old videos from like 2 years and between then and now your tone in your voice is extremely different it’s sad
Комментарий от: PhonedCape6 Gamer tag

Wes Brown
I'd like to know the name of the song
Комментарий от: Wes Brown

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